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Certified Organic Colorist | Holistic Wellness Practitioner | Massage Therapist

Hair Love

A peaceful and private salon.


As soon as you walk in the door my goal is to help you feel relaxed and pampered, All while using products and services that are nourishing and beneficial for your hair, skin and body.

I offer a variety of  holistic services in a calm and peaceful environment.

As dually licensed Cosmetologist and CMT 

One of the offerings I love the most is called The Japanese head spa.​

This unique service is like having a facial for your scalp. We start with a scalp analysis to determine the correct treatment needed to deeply clean and detoxify your scalp.


We then remove any buildup and impurities using a warm and gentle ultra sonic mist.

After this relaxing and luxurious treatment I apply 

a customized blend of organic and healing ingrediencies to your hair and scalp. These holistic nutrients are beneficial for increasing circulation and promoting scalp health. 



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