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Certified Organic Colorist | Holistic Wellness Practitioner | Clean Beauty Advocate

Hair Love

A peaceful and private salon free of harsh chemicals and pollutants. 

I'm Heather Tennison, owner of HairLove, and I'm so happy you've found my website.


I specialize in maintaining the integrity and health of your hair. I’ve finally found a collection of incredible products that speak to the environmentalists, animal lovers and healthy beauty enthusiasts like myself.

I’m proud to recommend products and services that are actually promoting the health of your hair, skin and body.

I’m a huge advocate of clean beauty and non toxic options. I offer the Oway organic products and O&M organic hair color.  As well as all of their holistic wellness scalp treatments. I use these to promote hair growth, scalp and hair detoxification, conditioning and strengthening treatments. 

In addition to cut and color services, I also offer a more gentle method of hair extensions called fusion microbonding. These are ideal for anyone interested in having fuller hair without the potential damage from traditional extensions.

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